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Optelligent’s large and widely distributed real estate portfolios include government, institutional and commercial customers who are seeking facilities solutions.

Within our portfolio offering we provide solutions that include:

Energy / operations optimization

Dedicated installation command center support

Integration with the most advanced data visualization platform

Proprietary software tools with unmatched installation speed and accuracy 

Interoperability and open systems

Software tools which pinpoint areas of weak system performance

Project reviews, management meetings and risk assessment throughout

Energy and efficiency projects and program execution

Building system upgrade / modernization programs

Savings-based project finance assistance

As a Master Solutions Integrator, our capabilities span the critical needs of all large building portfolios including:

  • Intelligent Building Programs Planning and Design
  • Energy Analysis and Portfolio ReCommissioning
  • Turnkey IT, Communications and Facilities Infrastructure Expertise
  • Energy and Operations Efficiency Expertise
  • Turnkey Integration and National Field Execution
  • Managed Services and Performance Contracting
  • ASHRAE, Energy Star, LEED and Other Leading Competencies

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