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As part of our “speed to value” ethos, Optelligent offers customers the strategic advantage of working with a partner that understands those important financial complexities needed to fund critical and strategic initiatives. As such, Optelligent can advise on customized financial solutions to accelerate the implementation of strategic energy and operations improvement initiatives as tools to realize key business improvement goals.

Utilizing our data-driven technology and results-driven solutions to drive energy and operations programs, Optelligent has gained a deep understanding of the best ways to deploy and manage leading technologies, the expected results, and resourceful and best practice business models to enable deployment.

Whether for discrete projects or comprehensive company-wide programs, our customized financing solutions will consider the customer’s target ROI and savings goals. Optelligent will search available utility-based rebates, government incentives, manufacturer programs as well as creative results-based models for qualified initiatives. Our advantages include the following:

  • Staffed with professionals with significant industry experience
  • Tailored financing for project solutions and company-wide programs
  • Extensive knowledge of latest utility, government and manufacturer-based incentives
  • Experienced with leasing as well as savings-based financing programs
  • Flexibility to lead, arrange, or participate depending on customer needs
  • Ability to leverage relationships with major financial industries and banks.

Optelligent is the technology partner you will want to do business with, and is committed to meeting your goals – technically, operationally, and financially, while delivering exceptional customer service.

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