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With over two decades of success in the market, Optelligent continues to revolutionize the world in which connected buildings, data, analytics and experts drive operational and economic value. Our cross-functional team of experts has diverse skills and experiences, but are all commited to a single vision of customer success.

Meet Our Team

At Optelligent, we are proud to be able to offer you the best and brightest to lead your project into the reality of our ever-connected world.

Optelligent awarded the Supplier Sustainability Award by AT&T

“Supplier sustainability is a top priority at AT&T and we’re proud to work with companies that take it as seriously as we do… Optelligent is the recipient of the AT&T Supplier Sustainability Award due to the company’s work to improve energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.”
Susan A. Johnson, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Innovative Experts

From engineers to IT Specialists to PhDs our team of experts is on the cutting edge of industry innovation.

Award-Winning Team

This award-winning team of experts offers solutions that no one else can.


Our energetic, diverse talent enables us to do extraordinary work.


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