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Optelligent partners with the leaders in technology and strategy to bring to life complex, comprehensive solutions. Together we are constructing the future of connected buildings.

Optelligent is unique in that it can handle all aspects of building solutions, including all the control systems and interfaces. Partners have less worry, and spend less onboarding customers and integrating technology, because Optelligent’s single platform means integration is optimized.

Optelligent’s ability to integrate partner technology not only provides streamlined timelines and lower development cost, it also allows our service partners to use real time data and analytics to better connect with building operators. This results in partners being better able to serve customer needs. On a larger scale, this data allows unparalleled visibility that can be used to address short and long term planning and investments.

Would you like the opportunity to elevate your product offerings in a setting that showcases their best qualities? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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