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For Enterprises across the globe, issues such as acute building conditions, disparate operations and varied technologies demand a universal solutions platform and approach to integrate incumbent systems, to derive actionable data, to solve problems and to modernize. Addressing the convergence of IT with communication and facilities infrastructure means bringing together technologies, applications, processes, standards and people to achieve enterprise goals.

Optelligent has established an integrated intelligent solutions framework employing the strengths of best-in-class tools, building application expertise, software interfaces, and IOT capabilities. Our technology is combined with our proven implementation methodology, field execution, client service, support options that enable us to lead the industry in “speed to value,” delivering the richest mix of customer-facing solutions available.

Cloud-based Solution

Client-hosted Solution


Energy Platform as a Service (EPaaS)

Whatever the IT hosting preference, Optelligent is able to:

  • Monitor single processes or equipment or an entire set of operational needs.
  • Normalize building systems operations against data from any source – from work order entry to thermodynamic monitoring of equipment and everything in between.
  • Integrate and aggregate portfolio-wide building and metering systems’ data for easy, collaborative analysis.
  • Apply an open-system protocol and can have unlimited streams of data, which can be accessed from a single, centralized source to deliver valuable real time insights.

With your new insights, you’ll gain short-term and long-term cost savings, be better able to plan for future upgrades and understand how to prioritize your building maintenance. If you’re running a multi-site campus or large portfolio, you’ll also gain the ability to streamline your energy use and monitor your operations across your campuses.

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